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Steampunk Jahrmarkt

Jahrhunderthalle, Bochum - Germany


Gothic & Fantasy beurs

Broodfabriek, Rijswijk - Netherlands

Elfia Haarzuilens

Kasteel de Haar, Haarzuilens - Netherlands

APR 23,24

Elfia Arcen

Kasteeltuin Arcen, Arcen - Netherlands

Sep 18,19

23 & 24 April 2016, Castle de Haar (NL); biggest costume event of Europe


Theme for 2016: "Time & Space"


Almost 30,000 different costumes by artists, entertainers, music acts and... visitors. Dressed up in every fantasy style possible; from Star Wars to medieval; from Steampunk to Faeries; from Cosplay to historical correct costumes.

April 23 - 24   ELFIA, Haarzuilens " NL "

Welcome to Loadstar Sentinels.


Loadstar Sentinels is a Steampunk inspired convoy who offers a safe passage from beginning to end for every adventure. Our specialty lies on armed security of our clients. With a biomechanical Sentinel and a Shifter we can guarantee a safe journey. We will provide the needed rations and medicine, should the situation arise. And by working on a contract basis, we can make the appropriate arrangements for all.



Dates and events are subject to change

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